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About us


We are based on a beautiful Farm Location in Co. Durham on the border of Yorkshire and Cumbria and cover the whole of the North of England and Southern Scotland for film/TV work or we are happy to travel anywhere in the UK for Commercials. 

We can offer a stunning Farm location with breathtaking views or alternatively we hold all the necessary paperwork to travel to your set. 

We now hold a Performing Animals Licence, a Performing Animals Farm Animals Movement Licence, Cert of Competence in Animal Transportation and all the necessary insurance.


Our Vehicles are kitted out to move the animals safely and securely. Owning our own farm means our animals are handled daily and we understand how to handle each animal correctly.

Our Animals first became involved in filming after we were asked if the family dog could appear with our son in a TV commercial! We soon realised we really enjoyed this kind of thing, but there was a lot more involved than just providing "a dog".


We have had production crews from London and Manchester filming here, and our animals have shot on location in Manchester and various locations in the North.


Our Credits include:

BBC Gentleman Jack 1/2, BBC Peaky Blinders 7, BBC Four Lives, BBC Grown Ups, BBC 1 Man & His Dog, BBC Countryfile, CBBC Dodger, CBBC The Dumping Ground, CBBC Who Let the Dogs Out. ITV Victoria 1/2/3, ITV Vera 8/9/11/12, ITV Belgravia, ITV Beowulf, ITV The Munch Box. SKY COBRA 1/2, SKY The Rising, SKY Intergalactic. Netflix The Irregulars.

Feature Films: United, Help, The Old Oak, The Unfamiliar, Dark Encounter, Official Secrets, Dark River, as well as TV commercials, short films and promotional material and packaging.


Outside of running our farm, teaching dog agility and providing Animals for TV we are involved with Sheepdog Trials and Dog Agility competitions for fun.

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