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Red Border Collie

Elsa is a young friendly, enthusiastic Border collie with a zest for life. She is highly trained with a large repertoire of behaviours.


She is a happy, smiley girl with a cheeky side, but will focus when asked and will perform her tricks in any setting without becoming distracted. She adores people and gives the best cuddles in the business.

Her skills include, sit, down, stand, bow, beg, stand on hind legs, lift a paw, cross paws, wrap paw around object, place feet on object, jump an object, hold an object, touch object with her nose, jump onto object, walk backwards, roll, creep, go to target.


Elsa competes at the Top Level in Heelwork To Music and has been in the main ring at Crufts.

ELSA- Wink.jpg

Credits Include:

2018 TV – Top Childrens TV drama


2018 Music Video - John Grant – Love is Magic

ELSA withNala.jpg
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