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Shetland Sheepdog

Jet is the perfect older gentleman at nearly 12 years old. He still keeps himself fit competing in Dog agility and charming his way into everyone’s hearts.  Jet loves food and will perform all kinds of tricks to get it including playing dead, giving paw, rolling over, begging, weaving and crawling.


Jet is a very handsome example of his breed and perfect for Dog photography and playing the family dog as he regularly entertains his owners grandchildren.

Quick Facts:


Age: 11

Sex: Male

Height to Withers: 40 cm

Colour: Tri Colour

Good with other Dogs: Yes

Good with Kids: Yes

Basic Obedience: Sit, Stay

Recall: Yes

Other Tricks: Gives paw, Tug, Fetch toy, Long distance down, Weave between legs, Plays dead, Walks backwards, Can be handled by stranger, Jumps into car, Gives alternate paws, Crawl, Takes a bow, Go to bed

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